Distance Craniosacral Therapy with Tai

Tai comes from a lineage of holistic healers on her paternal grandma’s side, and was drawn to Biodynamic Craniosacral work (BCST) because of its emphasis on the body. Working in a grounded and attuned capacity, Tai excels at helping people connect to their body’s messages in the form of felt-sense experiences, thus processing histories of stored injury and/or trauma in a gentle, non-forced way. It is with purpose and determination that Tai shares this powerful, life-changing modality with those who are seeking reconnection of body and mind. See her website at CranioWithTai.com to find out more about the work. Follow her on Instagram at @felineforestmedicine

Tai has been giving distance BCST sessions daily since the beginning of the pandemic. Distance work is a powerful way to release freeze from the nervous system and gently reconnect body and mind. Distance Craniosacral is available over the phone, 30-60 minutes, powerful relief for pain/tension in the body and emotional disconnection/distress.

Tai is available mostly mornings EST but sometimes flexible with day/times.

Tai is working with people with financial limitations due to COVID-19.

Tai works often with BIPOC and qtpoc communities and actively studies the intersection of societal transformation and healing/wellness. 

Tai only speaks English.


E-mail: CranioWithTai@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +1 (845)-915-0798

Instagram: @FelineForestMedicine

Instagram: @CranioForThePeople

Website: https://www.craniowithtai.com/

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